Planning, Packing & Moving Company Tips



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Vancouver Moving Company Tips: Planning, Packing and Moving

Having plates broken or furniture items ruined is not normal when moving. A reliable and expert moving company can prove to you that it is possible to move without breaking any item into pieces.

Planning for a Moving Company

If you need to move, plan it very well. Never contact a moving company if you will be moving tomorrow. Otherwise, your move will be one of the stressful moves in history. It is good to plan days or even weeks before the actual move. You will have more time for packing (you don’t have to pack everything in just 24 hours or less) and you will be able to choose the best moving company in the area.

Packing for or with a moving company

You will find that most moving companies offer packing materials and services. They can provide you with packing supplies such as boxes and tapes. The cardboard boxes are very popular but the ones that are made from recyclable plastic are gaining popularity because they are considered as a green or environment-friendly solution. They are also more efficient as they can be used for other purposes after the move if purchased. Whether cardboard or recyclable plastic boxes, you need to make sure that the boxes will be strong enough to carry and keep your things. Most boxes can handle 60-lb combined weight of items. You should also ensure that there will be enough for your stuff. Buying in advance is also advantageous so you will have more time to buy more in case you still need to pack some things. It is rare to find a moving company that has extra boxes and other packing supplies on the day of the move.

Vancouver Moving company -The Move

Vancouver moving companies have the necessary vehicles to move your things across cities, states and provinces. You may also find companies that can help you move from one country to another.

There are some things to check when choosing a Vancouver moving company. First, you need to check the range of their service. Are they licensed for moves across the country or are their services limited to local moves? You should also check their insurance. Second, identify how they charge. Some give a fixed rate depending on the distance and number of men and vehicles needed to move your things while others charge on an hourly basis, which is much more complicated. Know when the timer starts and stops. You may also find a moving company that charges by weight. The men will pick your things, bring them to the weighing center and move them to the destination. Third, you should determine what the company’s staffs will do. A moving company may take care of packing big items like cabinets and computer tables for free while another may do it for an additional charge. Fourth, you should always look for the past customers of a certain moving company that you are planning to hire. Ask them about their experiences. Did the staffs arrive on time and were they fast to load and unload the items? Did the company use cloth or any protective measure for furniture, paintings and electronics? These are only some of the common questions that you should get answered.

vancouver moving company

Priority 1 Moving Your Vancouver Moving Company

Striving To Be The Best Vancouver movers


The Best Vancouver Movers


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It should go without saying that the Best Vancouver Movers know that the world we live in today is a very competitive one. In regards to this subject, a business is very similar to an individual person. A business has specific goals that need to be successfully attained in order to operate well and remain competitive in the world of commerce. The very survival of each and every business in operation depends on how good they are at providing for the needs of their customers and how hard they strive at building and maintaining their success. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of  our customers and becoming the best Vancouver movers.

Day after day, you will find yourself comparing and being compared to just about everyone around you. People strive to do well in all areas and aspects of their life. It does not matter if it is an issue of education, family, personal growth, career, or spiritual attainment. Seeking accomplishment in all these areas starts with a person taking a look at themselves and taking steps toward attaining the goal that they are after.

Striving to be the best Vancouver movers we also go through the very same process of evaluating our business practices and assessing how well we interact with customers, and how we can continually improve our customer service. This is all a part of evolving to the changing needs and desires of people so that we can provide the service that everyone is seeking.

As we strive to become the best Vancouver movers

We look at the overall picture of what is needed to be taken into account when really striving to do anything well, to name a few specifics, some of the considerations that should be taken into account when one is seeking to be the best at anything:

First of all, you should know your goal. Our goal of being the Best Vancouver Movers is to provide a high level of quality service to our customers. After a goal is known, it then needs to be attained. This is where action comes into play. Knowing this allows us and our team  to attain these goals.

Our Team is Goal Oriented

Also very vital to the process is gathering people around you who can help you reach your goal. Being the best Vancouver movers means being careful to hire only people who are best suited for the job. True professionals that look at customer satisfaction as the number 1 goal and is our top priority.  The level of quality that each person provides to the operation of the business adds to our businesses ability to be the very best Vancouver movers.

Find the Best Vancouver Movers

Being the Best Vancouver Movers is our Top Priority





Moving Boxes Comparison Quantities

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Moving Boxes is a term searched for far and wide.

As Vancouver Movers we understand the amount of moving boxes it will take on average for any moving experience. People have a need for moving boxes whether they are looking to store their winter clothes safe and secure or if they are preparing to move from one place to another.

Comparing Boxes

When considering boxes many people will look to the local grocery store in hopes of finding some moving boxes that will suit their needs. What they find are miss matched boxes without the proper strength to hold most items, as well as boxes that have once had food or produce will often carry smells over to the packaged material you place in the box.

The best moving boxes are strong and durable made specifically for moving with a wide variety of sizes available for every move. In most instances people that do not have moving experience will underestimate the amount of moving boxes they will need for a particular move.

Moving Boxes Guidelines:

These guidelines should help you in determining the amount of moving boxes along with the size and types of moving boxes you will need to consider. A variety of moving boxes is best we have found package containing different sizes will fit most any move we have also included what other supplies you may need to consider along with your moving boxes, such as tape and packaging pager. The guidelines are below.

Moving Boxes  for 1 BEDROOM CONDO / BASEMENT SUITE – Approx: 500 – 700 sq ft.

6 x 1.5 cube boxes
6 x 2.0 cube boxes
4 x 4.0 cube boxes
1 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
1 x roll of tape
1 x 10 lbs. packing paper

If you love your clothes and have an abundance you may consider a second wardrobe.

Moving Boxes for 1 BEDROOM + DEN OR 2 BEDROOM CONDO – Approx: 700 – 1,000 sq ft.

8 x 1.5 cube boxes
10 x 2.0 cube boxes
6 x 4.0 cube boxes
2 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
2 roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM CONDO OR TOWNHOUSE – Approx: 1,000 – 1,500 sq ft.

10 x 1.5 cube boxes
12 x 2.0 cube boxes
10 x 4.0 cube boxes
3 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
1 x china box
2 x roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM HOUSE / 2 LEVELS – Approx: 1,500 sq ft. – 2,500 sq ft.
10 x 1.5 cube boxes
15 x 2.0 cube boxes
15 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 4 Bedroom House, 3 levels 4 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 2,500 sq ft. – 3,500 sq ft.
15 x 1.5 cube boxes
35 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 5 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 3,500 sq ft. +
20 x 1.5 cube boxes
50 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
4 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

When it comes to moving boxes it is always better to have to many than to run out. The last thing you want to do is start stuffing plastic garbage bags with leftover items or clothes.  Try not to underestimate the amount of moving boxes you will need and you will have an enjoyable, stress free moving experience.

Moving Boxes