Priority 1 moving tips. We know moving costs time and money we want to be your choice of Vancouver movers so we’ve compiled some moving tips to help you save on both and help us make the transition smooth and fast. For additional tips visit our moving company blog

Basic Moving Tips

  • Ensure there is nearby parking arranged for our Priority 1 moving truck for both your origin and your destination.
  • Arrange to have the elevator available and, if possible, booked off exclusively for both locations
  • Leave your folded clothes and linens in dressers (so long as the overall weight isn’t too heavy for our movers).
  • Take jewelry, currency, private documents and any other valuables with you in your own vehicle
  • Use strong sturdy boxes that can be stackable.
  • Depending on the package you choose with Priority 1 Moving, moving boxes may be provided free of charge.


Additional packing & moving tips to make your move easy:

  • Make sure you have enough boxes – you’ll need more than you think!
  • Luggage and duffel bags can be used for clothing, sheets, linen and towels.•
  • Prior to packing your items, ensure they are all guarded to protect from scratching and shattering.•
  • Packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, unprinted newsprint and foam peanuts are all very useful.•
  • Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with adhesive packing tape to ensure maximum support.

Please call us with any questions you may have about our moving tips.


Fill boxes securely and pack each box well to prevent items from moving during the move.
Pack and wrap all lids and tops separately.
Fasten all open boxes and bottles before wrapping and packing them into boxes to prevent spillage.
Place heavier items on the bottom of each box with lighter items on the top.
Secure the top of all boxes with packing tape.
Make sure each box is not more than 30 kg.
Try to even out the weight in all boxes.
Mark all appropriate boxes with “This way up” and/or “Fragile” to ensure our professional Priority 1 Movers take extra care with these boxes.
Priority 1 Movers will provide free wardrobe boxes, as they are ideal for packing and unpacking clothes straight from a wardrobe.
If possible pack all electronics like TV stereos, CD players, home theater systems, turntables etc in their original boxes. Priority 1 Movers will provide free TV boxes for secure transportation of all flat screen TVs.
Ensure all electronics are packed in heavy duty boxes with sufficient packing materials.
Label all wires, cords and jacks of your piece of equipment to make resembling quick and easy.


Priority 1 Moving Tips