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We value rivals. We see it as a challenge. It is important for our customers to see that compared to our opponents, we not only offer an excellent shifting service but we also offer unbeatable value for money.

Often shifting expenses can be a big consideration when shifting in Victoria, and it will obviously feature high on a list of concerns. It is important to make certain that you choose a organization that treat you as their precedence, at Priority 1 Moving we always do. You want to pay for a complete service and only pay the price you agreed. We have a lot of opponents for your organization but we know that we will always do the job right and on time. How many of our rivals can truthfully say the same?

We constantly hear stories of how other less scrupulous movers have let customers down at the last minute or have negotiated greater charges once half of the mover’s belongings have been loaded in Victoria,. priority 1 movers never do that. We quote a price and we adhere to it and we take great pleasure in everything we do.

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Moving costs in Victoria, do not need to be astronomical, that is what competition is for. Many other transferring companies may well charge less but we know that they will not offer the same unrivaled professional service that we can. A move in Victoria, is a aggravating time and we want to make sure that the professionalise is hassle free and that all our customers are extremely confident and relaxed. We have gained vast experience in the transferring business enterprise and this is reflected in our policies. We do not add on hidden costs to our prices or change the price at our whims. We liaise with our customers to establish all their concerns and then agree a price. At precedence 1 we delight ourselves on our honesty and we always put our customers initially.

Unbeatable Service to our Victoria, clients

We offer an unbeatable service that is both professional and reasonable. Your job is carried out by our skilled employees, who Reveal in our ethics. They too believe that a customer has a proper to expect the level of service they have paid for. Unlike some transferring companies we do not cut corners or make excuses, we deliver.

We know that the expense involved with shifting is a main concern to our customers and we can offer a price quote guarantee. This is our way of stating thank you for picking our company for your move. Many other rivals quote a price and then invent imaginary extras to enhance the price after it has been agreed. Why do they do this? Simple, they know that many already anxious customers will just agree to the extra cost, as they feel that it is easier than acquiring a new transferring business enterprise. We will never to this. At Priority 1 movers we wish to remove any issues or heartache so that you can chill out. We want you to be able to concentrate on all the other numerous tasks that need to be completed. You can trust Priority 1 moving and we know that our opponents are not able to say the same with any confidence.

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