Vancouver Movers Packing tips

Moving out of your outdated house within Vancouver to a new house implies that you’re going to have to pack my way through your entire home, and then unbox that at your new home. Will which appear to be a overwhelming and even tedious task? Needless to say it can. But it’s furthermore one of many necessary evils of relocating.

To start out a fresh commencing your new house in Vancouver the packing must be best enough to prevent harming your precious belongings, which would definitely create a lot of pointless and also undesirable head aches amidst all of the other relocating disarray you’ll be subjected to.

Vancouver Movers

As a result of sheer tedium and back-breaking hard work that is needed once you pack an entire residence, it’s easy to waste time the process and also hold off the shift more than you must. This may furthermore lead to delaying your own packing before previous feasible minute as well as rushing by means of this, which usually isn’t good either. If the packaging is lacking in the cautiousness as well as cautious excellence needed, the things may harm and split through the transfer, or a whole lot worse.

Because packaging takes on an integral part for making the actual transfer a prosperous 1, it is crucial to ensure your entire things comes properly and is particularly well protected the particular move is in improvement. Supplying your entire house your self may seem like a hopeless job, and also followed up from the procedure for unpacking when you subside in your house, it could almost all seem a little mind-boggling at first.

It is just natural that people would want a bit help with the procedure through skilled and experienced shifting specialists inside Vancouver. And since packing is an extremely time-consuming and work-intensive process, you will want it to be done properly. Nonetheless, you’ve got only two options when it comes to packaging; do-it-yourself, or employ a pro to pack your own points to suit your needs.
When to Make use of Vancouver Expert Packers.

Vancouver Movers

You could be wondering once the right time is usually to contact an expert packing support. I mean, you need to as soon as your packing job might require a bit outdoors aid? You certainly don’t want to discover almost through the packing method, when you’ve experienced days associated with sporadic supplying as well as accumulating of products and see a vast selection on the horizon. And also you undoubtedly don’t want to learn after the shift, when a few of the most effective belongings were damaged since you did not bunch them properly.

Properly, below are a few suggestions when utilizing a professional Vancouver packaging support could be the best way to proceed.
If you are creating a long-distance or even international shift. In case you are shifting down the street or perhaps something like 20 miles absent, your move will in all probability be manageable adequate that will get the particular packaging created by your self. Although the things ought to be crammed securely and safely, they will not take transportation for that extended and then the likelihood of something busting are many leaner as compared to if they were to vacation 100s or even 1000s of kilometers inside those bins.
When you are moving a big home that’s three bed rooms or even larger within Vancouver. Packing may take a pretty long time, specifically if you have a large amount of additional responsibilities for carrying on, much like your job, your loved ones, and planning for the transfer. The greater bedrooms within your house you need to load up, the longer it can take, obviously, and also something greater than the 3-bedroom residence can definitely be a overwhelming part of just about any person, to want to consider asking for aid.
For those who have significant amounts of expensive or perhaps useful products. You probably know how to take care of your beneficial possessions, yet do you know how you can load up them appropriately so that they are not ruined through the shift? Not likely. But specialist moving companies perform, and they are generally been trained in how to prevent injury, when you possess a large amount of beneficial things that you don’t want busting throughout the transfer, you will want to employ the pros to find the task finished. Besides, the money you pay so they can load up for you will likely be under it costs to switch or perhaps restore an old piece of old-fashioned furnishings.
Vancouver Supplying Period of time
Supplying is among the most stressful and back-breaking part of the transfer. Letting expert movers enable you to could truly eliminate plenty of that actually work, if not all than it. In reality, specialist moving firm usually need only several hours to accomplish the work. Nevertheless, all that will come at a price, obviously.

An average team of 2 Vancouver moving specialists could pack the 2,000-square-foot home in about each day, employment that you on your own can do inside 2-3 nights. Exactly what it depends on is the place large a home is, plus the amount of stuff in it, what sort of issues they have to load up and in addition exactly how quickly they are able to do the function.

Often, you can get a Vancouver packing job in the specialists that’s a many more appropriately done and a lot more complete than the career you could carry out oneself, even though you take your time as well as pack carefully and carefully, heading room-by-room. That’s because expert Vancouver packers are usually educated and also have years of experience that permit these phones know precisely so what can become loaded with each other to attenuate damage, how to load up certain things and ways to cover as well as support possessions, strategies which are sure to become time savers knowing what you are doing.

Hire expert Vancouver Movers

Specialist packers also provide you the right packaging supplies that you will have in order to possess a hassle-free shift. Everyone knows in which poor packaging can most definitely cause damage of your items while they’re in transit, however expert movers just about remove which likelihood through packing very carefully and acquiring items correctly.
Making a Vancouver Moving Inventory
Once you’ve employed a movers to handle your supplying and your shift, you could be required to submit to them a list of components of your property that you’re going to always possess packed. Otherwise, it certainly is smart to generate their list anyhow, because it will be a excellent assist to the moving firm who definitely are supplying your home and it’ll also serve to speed up the process quite considerably, as the moving services will have a conclusive relocating inventory in front of them that they’ll research since they bunch as well as plan ahead for which must be crammed collectively plus which room.

Making a relocating inventory list is simply by composing out your products in your property that need to be loaded. You might decide to have only one room crammed or your whole household worth of products. Whatever you choose, make sure your own supply will be thorough and finished which contains which usually merchandise is where bedrooms in order that the moving firm may game-plan before the transfer as well as assign different rooms being packed in the certain purchase.

Packing within an organised trend is an efficient approach to load up and also specific areas usually get goal more than other folks. For a lot of Vancouver moving firm, packaging the most difficult products very first is an efficient technique for speeding up the actual packaging procedure. For instance, here is the basic buy associated with priority for packaging and also wrapping the things in the home:
Kitchen, tiniest items
Bed rooms
Principal lounge region
Greatest products, furnishings, heavy things
When it comes to which containers you should utilize for the move, i suggest you go with standard moving containers or even plastic-type shifting bins. Acquiring all your containers within the same size and shape will allow you these phones become loaded very easily within the moving truck, therefore lessening the potential risk of these falling above during the transfer and harming the things inside of.


If you cannot locate standard relocating bins, you could possess the packers provide plastic material moving containers. Ask them to bring them and have all of them decrease all of them away from so that you can bunch inside Vancouver.
Total Specialist Supplying Providers
There are numerous Vancouver packaging experts inside the moving business that can give you full supplying services which care for everything from packing and covering to unpacking as well as planning. You can even employ a third-party packing company, separate from the actual mover you retain the services of to handle hard work of one’s move, which can offer most of the same packing providers at lower charges.

Initial, these kinds of packing professionals can do an on-site estimation when they’ll take a look using your house and through the Vancouver relocating inventory as well as assess all of the things that you are going to need packed. The actual surveyor which comes to your home to provide you with this particular estimate will most likely need to be since complete as you can in order to give you the the majority of precise calculate, so make sure to have everything that should be crammed prepared plus simple view.

After listing out there all the items that to be crammed, they’ll provide you with a bid for the purpose the particular supplying support costs and an approximation of how lengthy the particular supplying will take. A trained packing expert may generally get only one day to complete the particular supplying. Regarding a last-minute transfer, the timeframe may vary a bit, plus the expense.

Furthermore, the Vancouver packing specialists will determine the best way to handle the best issues, as an example, any kind of fragile things, beneficial products, artwork and jewellery. This can be finished through the on-site study. Think about remember is that the professional moving services is not going to carry the responsibility of virtually any things crammed by you.

Therefore, by selecting a packaging support from a professional, you can have your own products packed within a smaller amount time and you can rely on the whole defense as well as security of the items. In the event the supplying services are too pricey although, then you can certainly always opt to pick a packaging service for just your vulnerable items as well as other valuable items. This prevents an individual clear of anxiety about the price of the actual shift and try to you to definitely not need to concern yourself with the belongings being broken. You can also help make your shift less complicated simply by employing these to unbox your own products additionally.

Vancouver movers

Vancouver Movers & Packers

Often moving expenses can be a big consideration when moving in Vancouver

Moving expenses will obviously feature high on a list of concerns. It is important to ensure that you choose a company that will treat you as their priority, at Priority 1 Moving we always do. You want to pay for a complete service and only pay the price you agreed. We have a lot of competitors for your business but we know that we will always do the job right and on time.

We constantly hear stories of how other less scrupulous movers have let customers down at the last minute or have negotiated increased charges once half of the mover’s belongings have been loaded adding considerable amount to the moving expenses. At Priority 1 moving we will never do that. We quote a price and we stick to it and we take great pride in everything we do.

Moving expenses in Vancouver do not need to be astronomical,

That is what competition is for. Many other moving companies may well charge less but we know that they will not offer the same unrivaled professional service that we can which should be thought of as part of your moving expenses. A move is a stressful time and we want to make sure that the experience is hassle free and that all our customers are extremely confident and relaxed. We have gained vast experience in the moving business and this is reflected in our policies. We do not add on hidden charges to our quotes or change the price at our whims. We liaise with our customers to establish all their concerns and then agree to a price. At Priority 1 Moving we pride ourselves on our honesty and we always put our customers first.

We offer an unbeatable service that is both professional and reasonable. Your job is carried out by our expert staff, who share in our ethics. They too believe that a customer has a right to expect the level of service they have paid for. Unlike some moving companies we do not cut corners or make excuses, we deliver.

We know that the moving expenses involved  is a main concern to our customers and we can offer a price quote guarantee.

This is our way of saying thank you for choosing our company for your move. Many other rivals quote a price and then invent imaginary extras to boost the price after it has been agreed. Why do they do this? Simple, they know that many already anxious customers will just agree to the extra cost, as they feel that it is easier than finding a new moving company. We will never to this. At Priority 1 Moving we wish to remove any problems or heartache so that you can relax. We want you to be able to concentrate on all the other numerous tasks that need to be completed. You can trust Priority 1 Moving and we know that our competitors are not able to say the same with any confidence.

At Priority 1 Moving we value competition. We see it as a challenge. It is important for our customers to see that compared to our competitors, we not only offer an excellent moving service but we also offer unbeatable value for money.

Moving expenses

We take the worry out of Moving and of the question of moving expenses.

Unpacking Tips To Help Settle In Quicker

Some people like unpacking in a new house because they associate it with a new start but others don’t enjoy it at all.  Either way the job should be done quickly so that you can settle in and enjoy your new surroundings.  There are plenty of unpacking tips to follow but most of them relate back to the packing to leave.

The first and most important tip is to ensure that every box you pack is labelled for the room it is to go into and a brief of what is in the box followed by a house inventory of boxes and items.

Unpacking Tips

1.    Kitchen – when packing up the kitchen make sure boxes are smaller for crockery and there will be less chance of breakage due to dropping. When all your boxes arrive for the kitchen you will know by size and label what you have got. Before randomly unpacking give a quick thought to the use of the kitchen and where it would be best to have your items placed in the kitchen.

2.    Bedrooms – assemble the beds and make them. A good tip here is to pack all the bedding for each bed in a clear plastic bag and then each bag can be quickly located to the right bedroom.

3.    Bathroom – when packing, separate into small boxes the different items to unpack, before putting them in a large carrying box.  This way it will be easy to work out where these toiletries are to go and which bathroom.

4.    Garage – when packing smaller items it pays to have grouped them together for ease of unpacking into the right section of the garage.

5.    Living areas – the living area furniture is usually obvious and the movers will carry this into the right place for you but the accessories should be packed carefully into boxes and kept safe until you have time to unpack them which is usually one of the last jobs.  Any paintings should remain in the packaging until all the furniture is out and you know just where you want to hang them.

General Unpacking Tips

•    Prepare for unpacking by labeling and identifying boxes when you pack – number your boxes and make an inventory not only of the boxes but also where they are to go – keep out any tools you may need for assembling beds etc.

•    Start sorting out your belongings one month before moving and discarding anything you don’t want to take with you and this will give you less unpacking.

•    Start unpacking the essentials first: the basics in the kitchen so that you can cook a meal for the next day

•    Then make sure the beds that are needed are made up ready for sleeping and hang clothes in the closet (this is a great job for the kids or for helpers as they don’t have to make any decisions)

•    Start the washing – there is usually a lot of linen to wash after a move and if you put this on it can work while you work – another great job for helpers

•    Unpack the clean linen for the bathroom and the toiletries

•    Connect the computer and other electronic equipment

Once you have these jobs done you can then work through the remainder of the boxes in the following few days and get your house looking back to normal again.

unpacking tips

We hope these unpacking tips helps you in your moving experience.

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Steps you can take to finding a Quality Vancouver Moving Company

Call each moving company and provide the needs of your move location to the sales manager. Ask if the moving company will give you in writing a comprehensive quote of what it will cost for the task. Ask about estimates charges and how much they may change. Ask about the price of packaging materials, if required, and any other expense that you may arise as a result of doing business with the moving company. Inquire about the moving company’s claims process for items that can become broken.

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Locate the right moving company for your desired and particular move and budget.

Steer clear of using a moving brokers who will arrange the move of a moving company in your behalf. There is no guarantee who will arrive on the moving day or how much money they will charge you. Be sure to take the time to arrange for the moving yourself.

If a professional moving company gives you an estimate. Make sure they offer a moving and packing hands-on job, written estimate, you will want to know what type of skills your movers have had in the past to assess professionalism and trustworthiness. If you are not happy in your a findings, many websites will assist you in finding a new mover easily.

A copy or certificate letter of an insurance policy for your move is important.. Just as your experience must be stress free on the moving day. you are seeking, professional reliable, and affordable movers. be selective.

Do requests with online quote forms or phone movers directly. Visit sites such as locally and other.coms to locate companies wanting to be your movers. You will be able to search in your desired location and also decide quickly by the website pages, which allows for a quicker selection process. Also set up movers alerts that will email you at specified times when moving specials are posted that you may be seeking from movers or packers.

Be wary of Rogue movers–some using company names very similar to major carriers over price customers and even hold hostage property.

Be aware how packing options reflect on the price. For example, if you pack all goods yourself, can you save some money? Or pack some yourself with plastic containers that are provided to you by the moving company. You pack them, and the movers take them to your new home.

Choosing whether to hire a moving company or move on your own will be determined on your ability to lift and carry heavy awkward things, and the cost associated with outside labor. Inquire about specials with the movers.

Each Moving company have a number of competing companies. Priority 1 Moving will always stand to offer a moving experience or service to a customer as a reputable mover in the industry. As one of  the first moving company to offer green moving advantages. The company that looks for ways to help the clients make the right choice is often preferred. Priority 1 Moving is your Vancouver mover of choice, saving you time and money.

Although many Vancouver movers offer an easy to enjoy move and advantages over other Vancouver movers, it is not always a given that the first quote provided you in choosing a mover will be the most successful. For instance, even though low prices are quoted at first you must put your options in use, it has become a scam artist haven when moving. The Vancouver mover with strong employees and long term reputation and capabilities could make your first move enjoyable. The Vancouver movers Priority 1 Moving will do whatever it takes to become your movers and help you move successfully.

People who begin using Priority 1 Moving as their Vancouver mover’s  find they will ask to use us again and again. They may not be interested in switching to a another moving company. This is another advantage to being a reputable mover. Priority One Moving establishes industry standards and customers get used to them. They all realize Priority 1 Moving as reputable to use rather than or accept another moving company.

Finding affordable moving companies to move your furniture or office to a new house or new building isn’t always fun, but if you can lower the amount of funds that you give to your moving company. Keeping in mind  you will very likely be able to considerably reduce the entire bottom line cost of moving into a new dwelling, by going with a leader in the industry first. Follow these guidelines in this post to find Priority 1 Moving as your affordable moving company.

vancouver moving company

Priority 1 Moving Company


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We are not sure if Margaret Thatcher was talking about a commercial moving company when she quoted this out.
Margaret Thatcher said: “Plan your work for today and every day, and then work your plan”. If you are considering moving your commercial operations that is exactly what you should do in conjunction with the right commercial moving company.

Best Commercial Moving Company in Vancouver

Consider Priority 1 Moving as your commercial moving company in Vancouver

Whether you are in Vancouver or anywhere else, the same basic principles when choosing the right commercial moving company to assist you, will apply. First they need to be professional, reliable and efficient and be able to communicate with you about the whole moving process, right from the beginning. Consider the following tips when deciding who you choose as your commercial moving company:

  • Ask them for referrals and contact these companies to make sure that the move was handled professionally and to their satisfaction.
  • Discuss how the move will take place to ensure that your downtime is minimised. It is not only important to notify your clients beforehand when the move will take place, it is more important to notify them of your new address and exactly when you will be back in full operation mode. Hence the importance to plan your move with the commercial moving  company in Vancouver of your choice and to know that the timeframes will be adhered to.
  • Be sure that all the boxes will be properly marked and labelled as it will be important when arriving at the new address for the boxes to be allocated to the correct offices. It might be a good idea to ask the packing boxes in advance from the commercial moving company and to allow the personnel to pack their own equipment, tools, etc. It might even be an advisable to allow your personnel to take their own stuff to the new premises.
  • Decide beforehand which equipment needs to be moved when. Some equipment might need cranes or special trolleys, some might need to be moved first and some last to ensure that downtime is minimised. Once you have discussed your needs with the commercial moving  company they will advise you of what will be required from you and what will be supplied and done by them to make this move as easy as possible.
  • It is also advisable to assign a person of your company at the old premises and one at the new one location with the specific task to oversee personnel, assist clients, etc. for the duration of the move.

Consider E-Cycling when choosing a Commercial Moving Company

There is a lot of talk lately about the principle of E-Cycling strategies when moving your commercial business. One of the major challenges with a move is what to do with redundant equipment such as televisions, computers, printers and similar material as it is not advisable for this equipment to be dumped at a landfill.

Read more about “E-Cycling strategies from the EPA and ask about E-Cycling  in choosing a commercial moving Company” and make Priority 1 Moving  part of your plan when working your plan.

vancouver moving company

Priority 1 Commercial Moving Company Vancouver



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Priority 1 Moving is the apartment movers Vancouver chooses most.

You must have heard people saying that moving on is simple, what you leave behind is what makes it difficult. As one of the best apartment movers Vancouver offers, Priority 1 Moving will be the answer to all your concerns and will ensure your move will be an easy one.

Why use Priority 1 Moving as your Apartment Movers Vancouver?

Napoleon quoted: “The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.”

This is the reason why Priority 1 Moving is by far the best apartment movers Vancouver has to offer. Our service is not only reliable and professional but our in person quote will surprise you when compared to other apartment movers in Vancouver.

All Priority 1 Moving  personnel are well trained to pack all your belongings to arrive in the exact same conditions at your new address, as they were when we packed them. Once we arrive at your premises to start with the move, take your children, your mother-in-law, your wife and your pets with you and relax. We will do all the packing and moving as if you have done it yourself.
There are only a few things you need to do to ensure your move is on track. We can help you decide what you require exactly and discuss the package needs with you to provide  a quote that will best suit you. Depending on the moving package you decide on.

Apartment Movers Vancouver Tips:

  • Arrange for parking front of the building. This will ensure easy access for the moving truck.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure to mark the content of each box clearly with a thick black marking pen, this will assist the movers to place the boxes in the correct room on arrival and will make the unpacking task much easier for you.
  • Marking the boxes clearly will also assist you if your furniture and goods will be in storage for a while. It is much easier to unpack marked boxes in the rooms where they belong.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, use bubble wrap to secure glass objects and pack them securely in boxes. Loosely packed glass and valuable items might get damaged, even if the move is only over a short distance.
  • Once you have done all the packing, leave the boxes in the room where it was packed – remember that the movers needs space to move all the items securely out of the residence, especially along passages and corridors.

This might also be a good time to get rid of all the items you really do not have any use for anymore. It will only cost money to move items you are not going to use anymore.
Find more moving tips here.

Lastly, whatever your requirements, we go the extra mile to answer any question you may have and to make sure your moving experience is a stress free one.

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We hope you choose Priority 1 Moving as your preferred apartment movers Vancouver!

The Best Vancouver Movers


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It should go without saying that the Best Vancouver Movers know that the world we live in today is a very competitive one. In regards to this subject, a business is very similar to an individual person. A business has specific goals that need to be successfully attained in order to operate well and remain competitive in the world of commerce. The very survival of each and every business in operation depends on how good they are at providing for the needs of their customers and how hard they strive at building and maintaining their success. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of  our customers and becoming the best Vancouver movers.

Day after day, you will find yourself comparing and being compared to just about everyone around you. People strive to do well in all areas and aspects of their life. It does not matter if it is an issue of education, family, personal growth, career, or spiritual attainment. Seeking accomplishment in all these areas starts with a person taking a look at themselves and taking steps toward attaining the goal that they are after.

Striving to be the best Vancouver movers we also go through the very same process of evaluating our business practices and assessing how well we interact with customers, and how we can continually improve our customer service. This is all a part of evolving to the changing needs and desires of people so that we can provide the service that everyone is seeking.

As we strive to become the best Vancouver movers

We look at the overall picture of what is needed to be taken into account when really striving to do anything well, to name a few specifics, some of the considerations that should be taken into account when one is seeking to be the best at anything:

First of all, you should know your goal. Our goal of being the Best Vancouver Movers is to provide a high level of quality service to our customers. After a goal is known, it then needs to be attained. This is where action comes into play. Knowing this allows us and our team  to attain these goals.

Our Team is Goal Oriented

Also very vital to the process is gathering people around you who can help you reach your goal. Being the best Vancouver movers means being careful to hire only people who are best suited for the job. True professionals that look at customer satisfaction as the number 1 goal and is our top priority.  The level of quality that each person provides to the operation of the business adds to our businesses ability to be the very best Vancouver movers.

Find the Best Vancouver Movers

Being the Best Vancouver Movers is our Top Priority





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Moving Boxes is a term searched for far and wide.

As Vancouver Movers we understand the amount of moving boxes it will take on average for any moving experience. People have a need for moving boxes whether they are looking to store their winter clothes safe and secure or if they are preparing to move from one place to another.

Comparing Boxes

When considering boxes many people will look to the local grocery store in hopes of finding some moving boxes that will suit their needs. What they find are miss matched boxes without the proper strength to hold most items, as well as boxes that have once had food or produce will often carry smells over to the packaged material you place in the box.

The best moving boxes are strong and durable made specifically for moving with a wide variety of sizes available for every move. In most instances people that do not have moving experience will underestimate the amount of moving boxes they will need for a particular move.

Moving Boxes Guidelines:

These guidelines should help you in determining the amount of moving boxes along with the size and types of moving boxes you will need to consider. A variety of moving boxes is best we have found package containing different sizes will fit most any move we have also included what other supplies you may need to consider along with your moving boxes, such as tape and packaging pager. The guidelines are below.

Moving Boxes  for 1 BEDROOM CONDO / BASEMENT SUITE – Approx: 500 – 700 sq ft.

6 x 1.5 cube boxes
6 x 2.0 cube boxes
4 x 4.0 cube boxes
1 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
1 x roll of tape
1 x 10 lbs. packing paper

If you love your clothes and have an abundance you may consider a second wardrobe.

Moving Boxes for 1 BEDROOM + DEN OR 2 BEDROOM CONDO – Approx: 700 – 1,000 sq ft.

8 x 1.5 cube boxes
10 x 2.0 cube boxes
6 x 4.0 cube boxes
2 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
2 roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM CONDO OR TOWNHOUSE – Approx: 1,000 – 1,500 sq ft.

10 x 1.5 cube boxes
12 x 2.0 cube boxes
10 x 4.0 cube boxes
3 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
1 x china box
2 x roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM HOUSE / 2 LEVELS – Approx: 1,500 sq ft. – 2,500 sq ft.
10 x 1.5 cube boxes
15 x 2.0 cube boxes
15 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 4 Bedroom House, 3 levels 4 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 2,500 sq ft. – 3,500 sq ft.
15 x 1.5 cube boxes
35 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 5 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 3,500 sq ft. +
20 x 1.5 cube boxes
50 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
4 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

When it comes to moving boxes it is always better to have to many than to run out. The last thing you want to do is start stuffing plastic garbage bags with leftover items or clothes.  Try not to underestimate the amount of moving boxes you will need and you will have an enjoyable, stress free moving experience.

Moving Boxes



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Cheap Movers or Reliable Affordable Movers?

Have you or perhaps someone you know ever had an experience like this? You hire professionals based on thinking Vancouver Affordable Moversyou are getting the cheapest price or best deal just to be hit with additional charges after the job has begun? It happens all the time and unfortunately it happens with movers as well. Just because you hire cheap does not always end up as hiring affordable movers.

Many people will inadvertently look for cheap movers when what they really want is affordable movers and a reliable moving company. At Priority 1 Moving we understand wanting to save money and have an excellent moving experience. You are looking for a cheap moving deal, not a cheap moving company. A cheap moving company may have a low price and that may reflect low standards. Or a cheap mover may hit you with hidden charges after the fact, and nobody likes that type of business practice.

We have found that when looking for Vancouver movers most people prefer reliable and affordable movers over cheap or just getting the best price. Often when something is cheap in price it comes at at added cost. This holds true for movers and moving companies as well as other aspects of life. The best way to know if you are getting the best deal is to shop around and compare everything that is included and what will suite your needs best. Of course before choosing the affordable movers you will want to make sure the company has the proper licenses and insurance coverage as well as offers additional insurance coverage to you.

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What to expect from affordable movers

You will want to be able to see the moving companies services up front so nothing is left to chance on what you are getting and what you paid for. This should be easily accessible to you online.

Do the affordable movers offer different packages based on your needs? Do they offer hourly quotes and blocks of time? Are moving boxes included with the moving quote or will you need to factor in the additional cost of moving supplies.

Hiring affordable and reliable Vancouver movers rather than cheap mover will provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for when it is time for your next moving experience. So when looking for Vancouver movers, be sure to do your homework, take notes and choose the affordable movers that offer you the best value and peace of mind.

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press release moving bins

Vancouver BC 6-10-2011 – Ryan Ko owner of Priority 1 Moving Ltd. Introduces a Green alternative choice for Vancouver movers.

“Dedicated to reducing waste wherever possible we are providing a green solution with our plastic moving bins” according to Ko “Cardboard boxes can often be cumbersome and inconvenient to recycle for those without readily accessible recycling bins, our plastic reusable bins offer a green alternative.”

The Green reusable bins offer many perks for both the person or company making a local move in Vancouver as well as to the Vancouver movers themselves. Because the bins are all the same size they are easily stacked and accounted for. The consumer saves the added expense of the time it takes the movers to properly position traditional odd sized cardboard boxes in the moving trucks, allowing the moving company to quickly stack the interlocking bins.

The Green alternative plastic bins provided by Priority 1 Moving are also preferred because the bins are durable, reusable, and waterproof. It is not necessary for customers to spend the additional time it takes in building the boxes or the expense on boxes when taking advantage of  the priority green move packages available to them.

A lot of people are environmentally conscious, but are unaware these Green move alternatives are available to them, we even provide green move alternatives for those that prefer a do it yourself move.

“We are dedicated to exceptional customer experiences by providing flexibility and attention to detail to your residential or commercial move,” according to Ko “At Priority 1 Moving we pride ourselves in our reputation as leaders in the moving industry. We are please to be able to offer our green move alternative along with our green move packages and plastic moving bin rental so everyone can now choose to be environmentally conscious when moving”

To find out more please visit our Vancouver Movers Green Packages