Moving Experience Horror Story

Not all moving companies are created equal.   Read all of the moving companies reviews in researching Bob’s company I found that others had shared his experiences.  Look for a company with a large fleet so that if the unthinkable happens, they can immediately accommodate the error.  Be sure there are no hidden costs and that the company has a friendly, helpful staff.  Check out exactly how your company handles fragile items, and only book a company that covers breakage.

When my friends decided to move out of state, they booked what they thought was a qualified moving company to take the stress out of their experience.  What they had instead was disappointment and an empty wallet.

Moving Day

Bob called the company and arranged for a moving date of October 31, 2011.  He gave his deposit and turned his attention to packing.  When October 31 arrived, the moving truck didn’t.  He called them and was informed that not only did they not have his reservation on file, but they had no trucks available.  Bob was also told that his deposit could not be refunded;  he had no choice but to accept a new date of November 2 to have his belongings picked up.

When November 2 came and went with no delivery, he called again and was told that the truck was scheduled for November 3.   When the truck did arrive on November 3 it brought his belongings, but with breakage and careless handling of his fragile items.  He was told that this was not covered because he did not purchase a deluxe package.  The final insult was when he was forced to pay nearly $340 more for the delivery than he had been quoted; apparently he had some “oversized” items that were not counted in his original agreement.

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Moving companies should be dependable, qualified and affordable for a stress free move stress-free

Choosing a Moving Company is stressful.

There are so many things to think about and everything is happening at the same time.  Am I making a mistake?  Will I like it there?  How am I going to get everything done in time? The last thing you want to deal with is moving companies that don’t live up to their contracts and promises.

Horror Stories Around the Globe!

Tyler J. was moving from Texas to Chicago, Illinois.  He called his moving company well in advance.  They provided him with a quote for the move and set-up a pickup and delivery date.  He got a little nervous when they didn’t come out and look at what his household goods consisted of to determine how much space they would be using.  When he called and asked about it, they said they were good to go with estimating.  Not true.  His quote was for $1500 but they billed him for $2158.   They arrived late to pick up the household goods, and they got to Chicago a week after the promised delivery date.

Moving Company horror stories are heard everyday.

You can be confident that this would never happen to you with Priority 1 Moving Company.  When we quote a price, we stand behind it.  Before the agreement is made, we will have one of our representatives out to your home or office to visually inspect your furnishings to determine exactly what space requirements are needed and the approximate weight of the load.  If you are packing your own goods, we will even provide packing tips to help you.  We have been doing this for so long that when we give you the quote and the contract, that is the final price.

When a moving company does not care how they do business it hurts the reputation of every moving company. We do care because we are in it for the long haul and want to have repeat customers.  When we say we will be there, we are there.  We provide you with a tracking information to call and can inform you where the truck is at all times.  Many moving companies don’t care about your peace of mind, we do.



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Moving Boxes is a term searched for far and wide.

As Vancouver Movers we understand the amount of moving boxes it will take on average for any moving experience. People have a need for moving boxes whether they are looking to store their winter clothes safe and secure or if they are preparing to move from one place to another.

Comparing Boxes

When considering boxes many people will look to the local grocery store in hopes of finding some moving boxes that will suit their needs. What they find are miss matched boxes without the proper strength to hold most items, as well as boxes that have once had food or produce will often carry smells over to the packaged material you place in the box.

The best moving boxes are strong and durable made specifically for moving with a wide variety of sizes available for every move. In most instances people that do not have moving experience will underestimate the amount of moving boxes they will need for a particular move.

Moving Boxes Guidelines:

These guidelines should help you in determining the amount of moving boxes along with the size and types of moving boxes you will need to consider. A variety of moving boxes is best we have found package containing different sizes will fit most any move we have also included what other supplies you may need to consider along with your moving boxes, such as tape and packaging pager. The guidelines are below.

Moving Boxes  for 1 BEDROOM CONDO / BASEMENT SUITE – Approx: 500 – 700 sq ft.

6 x 1.5 cube boxes
6 x 2.0 cube boxes
4 x 4.0 cube boxes
1 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
1 x roll of tape
1 x 10 lbs. packing paper

If you love your clothes and have an abundance you may consider a second wardrobe.

Moving Boxes for 1 BEDROOM + DEN OR 2 BEDROOM CONDO – Approx: 700 – 1,000 sq ft.

8 x 1.5 cube boxes
10 x 2.0 cube boxes
6 x 4.0 cube boxes
2 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
2 roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM CONDO OR TOWNHOUSE – Approx: 1,000 – 1,500 sq ft.

10 x 1.5 cube boxes
12 x 2.0 cube boxes
10 x 4.0 cube boxes
3 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts each)
1 x china box
2 x roll of tape
1x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 3 BEDROOM HOUSE / 2 LEVELS – Approx: 1,500 sq ft. – 2,500 sq ft.
10 x 1.5 cube boxes
15 x 2.0 cube boxes
15 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 4 Bedroom House, 3 levels 4 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 2,500 sq ft. – 3,500 sq ft.
15 x 1.5 cube boxes
35 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
3 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

Moving Boxes for 5 BEDROOM HOUSE / 3 LEVELS – Approx: 3,500 sq ft. +
20 x 1.5 cube boxes
50 x 2.0 cube boxes
25 x 4.0 cube boxes
4 x wardrobe box with bar (holds ~ 30 shirts)
2 x china box
4 x roll of tape
2 x 10 lbs. packing paper

When it comes to moving boxes it is always better to have to many than to run out. The last thing you want to do is start stuffing plastic garbage bags with leftover items or clothes.  Try not to underestimate the amount of moving boxes you will need and you will have an enjoyable, stress free moving experience.

Moving Boxes