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Red Flags look for when dealing with a Vancouver moving company

When you are ready to move the last thing you want is to be ripped off by your moving company! There are things you can do to look out for, and not be a victim.

Moving Company RED FLAGS!

Be sure the company does an onsite estimate, any company that takes and gives you and estimate over the phone or online without coming to your home or business is sending you a RED FLAG.

If the company demands large amounts of cash or money up front it is a RED FLAG.

If the company answers the phone in a generic manner like Movers or Moving Company that is a RED FLAG.

If the company is not willing to share insurance coverages or say it is all inclusively covered RED FLAG.

Red Flag Questions you Should Ask

Do you charge additional fees for wrapping each item? RED FLAG.

Do you charge additional fees for the number of stair step you encounter? RED FLAG.

Does the moving company charge for the use of elevators? RED FLAG.




Vancouver moving company scams

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