Moving Questions: Why is it so hard to estimate the time it will take for a move?
A: Each residence or office is unique.  There are many factors to take into consideration before an accurate estimate can be given such as:
How big is your residence or office?
Is there an elevator available that can be booked off?
Is parking available for immediate loading and unloading?
Are you fully packed and ready to go?
Did you use boxes of the same size and quality?
Is there a long hallway to your front door?
How many years have you been at the current residence?
Do you have items at a separate location?
Are some of your items extremely fragile and require additional care?

Moving Questions: Should I tip the movers?
A: Tipping is not a requirement but if you feel that the movers have done a job over and above your expectations then a tip is appreciated.

Moving Questions: When is the best time to move and when should I book for a move?

A: We are flexible in finding a moving time convenient for you but if you are able to, it is recommended that you avoid the summer season as well as the last few days or first few days of each month.  As these are the prime moving times, it will be more expensive as well as stressful to leave a move to the last possible second.  Factors that you should think about before booking a mover include:
Do you need to be out of your current residence or office by a certain time?
Are you able to move into your new place immediately?
Will you need to book time off from work for the day of your move?

It is recommended that you call and book for a mover 4-6 weeks in advance.  If you wait till 1 week prior to your move, all moving slots may be taken.

Moving Questions: Why should I purchase boxes from you or from another mover when I can find some at work or from the grocery store?
A: Although it may appear that it would save money by taking used corrugated boxes from work or a grocery store free of charge, in the end it will end up costing you more.  There are many reasons for not using these boxes.  For instance, used grocery store boxes or boxes from work are of lower quality – some have absorbed moisture and odors from fruits or vegetables and are not designed to holding heavier loads.  Our moving boxes are manufactured to hold up to 60 lbs.  In addition, when using boxes of different size and quality, it makes it more difficult for our movers to move and stack the boxes in an efficient manner.  Having to play “Tetris” when stacking the boxes in the back of the truck will add time to your move.

Moving Questions: Are there any items that we do not move?
A: We do not move pets, flammable and hazardous materials such as propane tanks, paint, gasoline, firearms and motor oil.  If you have any of these materials that require moving, please this arranged or done on your own prior to your move.

Moving Questions: Other moving companies offer storage.  Do you offer storage?
A:  Be careful with accepting storage services from some moving companies as they may place your items in an unsecured storage container in a backyard or alley and charge you for it!  Some instances, under a contract with a self-storage company, the moving company, or employee of the moving company has leased a storage locker and therefore are the only ones with access to the locker.  If you needed to gain access to your possessions, you would need to get permission from whoever leased the locker.

We currently do not offer storage but is in partnership with multiple self-storage companies throughout the Lower Mainland that can offer you a better rate then the general public.  If you require storage, please ask a sales representative of a self-storage facility near you.  We recommend that you sign a lease with the storage company so only YOU have access to the locker.

Moving Questions: Do you have a fuel surcharge, a minimum charge or any other hidden charges?
A:  We do not have a fuel surcharge nor do we require a minimum number of hours.  A travel time is applicable and will be the actual travel time it takes to arrive at your pickup location and from your destination back to our truck compound.  Should your move be an hourly rate we round to the nearest 15 minutes.  Please inquire with our sales representative with regards to travel time.

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