[sharebox4 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox4] For Vancouver Movers The busy summer moving season is now upon us. Finding a mover for the end of the month is challenging.  We recommend that if you are moving soon, to call your moving company several weeks if not months ahead of time to book your move. Summer moving […]

[uds-billboard] Ever used movers in the past that said they could do a move in X number of hours but it ends up being X + Y number of hours?  It could possibly be that the moving company chose to under quote in order to get the sale.  However, on the flip side the customer […]

The new HST will be implemented in BC starting tomorrow.  There are arguments for and against the new taxation system.  One thing for certain though, consumers will feel the initial pinch before they feel the benefits. For most small businesses, the HST theoretically will help as the input tax credit has now been raised.  However, […]