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Priority 1 Moving Ltd. is a top rated Vancouver moving company provides moving services and supplies to the greater Vancouver area.
Reviews are helping business tremendously due to the internet and the unsolicited reviews found when people do a simple search.

Vancouver BC 7/6/2011 – Ryan Ko owner of Priority 1 Moving in Vancouver announces positive Vancouver movers Reviews help to increase business as more people are relying on reviews as a primary source of information.
“Unsolicited reviews have been increasing the amount of business we have seen over the past year” according to Ko “People rely on reviews much more today than ever before, by receiving feedback from a variety of outside sources they can make better buying decisions.”

Vancouver Movers Reviews
With reviews increasing in popularity

Those companies that have positive ones are now reaping the rewards by having outside sources providing them with a source of free advertising. People searching for a particular product or service have so many options that reviews created by past experiences of others weigh heavily on the decision to use a company or not. When a good review is posted the search engines will find it sooner or later and they show up throughout the web.
The days of hit and run companies, storm chasers or just unscrupulous business practices has reached an end primarily due the reviews of others holding companies accountable.
“Today people search reviews as much as they do for a products or services.” According to Ko “ The search term Vancouver movers reviews provides a good amount the traffic our website receives and has increased our annual revenue.”
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